Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Snow White play

Okay so awhile back I did a Post about me getting the part of Snow White and the play went GREAT except I fell like 3 times because ,
1 I was pushed down by the huntsman
2 I was hit witrh an apple by the evil queen
3 I was PUSH OFF A "bed" (It was really a table in disgize)
And I got some stuff THROWN on my FACE!! But other than that it was super FUN!!!
Thats all for now. Love you guys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My new favorite BAND!!!

Okay so I hve a new favorite band called ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!! They are freaking awesome!!!!! Okay so here's my favorites in order:
Harry Styles (the flirt)
Niall Hoarn ( the Irish one)
Louis Tomletson ( the Funny one) ps his name is pernounced  Luie
Liam Payne ( Daddy direction/ smart one)
Zayn Mailrk ( the Vain one)
They are all for Britian but Niall is form Ierland they were on the X-factor as singles not a band BUT Simon Cowles said they would be better as a band and so One Direction was born. Harry came up with the name. they have written a few songs so here are my favorites in order:
What makes you beautiful
Tell me a lie
More than this
One thing
I want
Up all night
Gotta be you
Save you tonight
Everything about you
Forever young ( I know that they did not write this but they sang it on X-factor)
So those are the songs I like but they wrote more songs but I dont really like them. Liam and Harry and Zayn sing the most Louis and Niall sing a little though but Harry is fighting to get them more solo's. Um they are one tour and last satorday the 9th they preformed at plant Hollywood and I was sad because I couldn't go. But my friend Alexa wants to talk me to thier conserty in 2013 so Fingers crost I can go. I have a movie of them on tour and I LOVE it!!! My room is COVERED with posteres of them here is my door (P.s I added some more) (ALOT MORE!! You cant barly see the white of my door<3)
So they are different ages
Harry : 18 (he's the youngest) His birthday is Feruary 1st
Niall: 18 (older than Harry)
Liam: 18 ( Older then Both of them)
Zayn: 19
Luois: 20 (But most in mater)
So thats a little about one direction

Monday, May 28, 2012

A LOT of catching upp

Olo blogging world!! How you been? Happy MOMORIAL DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
okay so I have not blogged in like forever so here is what has happened............ okay so in music i am doing a play and it is Snow White and guess who didnt get the part of Snow White!!!!!! A lot of other people!!! But who has two thumbs and did get the part THIS GIRL!!!!!!! Haha I bet some of you thought that I didn't get the part BUT you were WRONGE!!! Sorry I am really excited

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Wow alot to catch up on!!!!

Hey bloogers! So a lot has happened since I last updated this so here is what you have missed...........  I have already signed up for jr high and i am going to Tiger Camp and I have been pretty  busy because i have been rererererereading the Hunger Games and I have been doing CRT testing an I am feeling pretty happy about how i have been doing soooooooo YEAHHH!! Anyhow at skool we are doing a play and it is Snow White and the 6 dworves and 1 elf!!!  And I have a pretty good chance at getting the part of Snow White !!
AND!!!!!!!!!!! I have been becoming more and more pretty!!!!!! Lol Jkjkjkkkkk
Okay so i was hanging out with my bff Becca and on saturday we went to the lake with her family and Karlee Kenedy and it was SUPER FUN!!!!! We went tubbing and i fell off 13 times mainly because i wanted to get Becca scared I am such a good friend and we went cannoing and jetskieing !! We went tubbing all the way to Hover Dam!!!!!!!! It was super fun. We went super fast on the jetskie and it hurt every time your legs hit the water it was AWESOME!!!!!!! Well thats all for now !!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

hunger games!!!

Okay , seince every one posted about the HUNGER GAMES! I might as well okay soo here it goes
 katniss is sooo cool  i want to be like her ( except for the whole having to go in to the hunger games thing)
      This was funny so i had to post it
         SORRY Ella but yes i am team Peeta but i do like Gale. okay resons i like Peeta : he is so nice, he is played by Josh Hucherson, he is a great cook ,  and he would do any thing to save Katniss. reasons i like Gale :  he has help Katniss survive ,  he is feeding her family meat, and he would do any thing for Katniss.resons i love Katniss :  she is so strong , loving, and BEAUTIFUL!!! I  LOVE her! resons.... nope thats all

                      Okay so this idea came  to me well i was on YouTuBe. We (The Goons and Ella) were going to make videos of our favorit parts of the movie so i wanted to do rues death seacen and taz wanted thresh killing colve and ella wanted to do the reaping seacen so here is part of rues death ........................................
KATNISS!!!! KATNISS!! HELP KATNISS!! Rue ! Rue i'm coming! Katniss. NOOO! Did you blow up the food? Every bit of it.Good. Katniss you have to win you have to. i will win. i will win for the both of us now.

                                   tell me what you think

Monday, March 5, 2012

nothing but sickness,flu and science projects, and... wait..Hunger Games !

well hey everyone. I have been felling sick all week with stomic acks and head ack. but last Saturdayi trow up !! I had to come home and i had the flu! So i didnt go to church or school to day. but i went early and turned in my science project. ( i had to ) but i think that everyone who reads my blog is so excited for the HUNGER GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I have been posting it every where i posted a ton of " i am so excited for the hnger games. who else " so now i just ad to post it on my blog !!! so i cant wait !!!!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

fun funner funest and wait for it thats it

  well were do i start um happy Valintines dayyy!!! i love you all !!!!!
       okay soo ella did a post on planking so im gonna do a post on some things simaler
okay so this is somthing called owling you hide in random places and you start hooting !!!!so thats fun.
okay so some thing alittle funner is cupping you go to the drive thru and order a drink or a slushy when the hand it to you you grab the straw and drive away !!!! hahahaha  thought i would menchen some thing that is the funest ....wait for it ........ coneing !!!! it sounds weird but let me explain .. coneing is the new planking see you go up to a drive through and order a regular ice cream cone when you go to the 2 window and they hand you your ice creamcone you grab it by the ice cream take a bit of the cone with the paper and drive away!! does that sound like the funest ??
so here is an owling pitcure so more to come of the other things so keep reading <3 :) lol